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Naxos Store
Saint Isidoros, Galanado Naxos 84300
Tel.: 22850 24918 - Fax: 22850 29385
Athens Store
Ethnikis Antistasis 18, Chalandri 15232
Tel.: 210 6837758
E-mail: info@tyrokomia-naxou.gr
  Terms & conditions
General terms
tyrokomia-naxou.gr is an electronic store selling items through Internet, owned by the company Tyrokomia Naxou located in Naxos Store
Saint Isidoros, Galanado Naxos 84300
Tel.: 22850 24918 - Fax: 22850 29385 - .
Our main goal is to notify the terms of tyrokomia-naxou.gr rights and obligations to all Internet visitors, which aims to inform you about your rights and obligations for the best service while searching and ordering items from our department store.
Personal data
Essential condition in order to start a transaction between us is to know your personal data. When ordering you will be requested to give your full name, the address where the items will be sent, your stationary phone number (or any other phone number for your best service), your e-mail address etc. and in the case of paying by credit card the number and expiration date of it.
The company and tyrokomia-naxou.gr faithfully following the convictions of protecting personal data predicted by laws and international conventions won't make any illegal and without your approval use.
tyrokomia-naxou.gr does not reveal, publishes, sells or exchanges personal data and information you trust us. In special occasions your personal data might be published by the company, always following the predicted, by law, procedure when this is exacted by the Public Rule, court, etc.
tyrokomia-naxou.gr reserves the right to inform suppliers with statistics from sales, which in no condition will contain personal data that may lead to recognition of people.
You have the right to change your personal data that are known to us with the fill up of the relative electronic form.
Ways of paying
For the convenience and service of those wanting to buy from our store, we have the following alternative ways of paying:
1. By credit card VISA, MASTERCARD published in any bank
2. By deposit in our account - bank wire transfer
3. By cash on delivery
Delivery of order
Products will be sent where you have indicated us by courier.
In regions where the order can't be sent by courier, the time of sending is that predicted by Hellenic Post Offices. Sending will be made in every day courses except of Saturday, Sunday and feast days.
Product prices
In the prices registered in the catalogues next to every item Value Added Tax is included..
1. Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc) is not possible to deliver the items in the time schedule, you will be informed by e-mail, in order to state us if you want, under these conditions, to make your order.
2. Responsibility of tyrokomia-naxou.gr: tyrokomia-naxou.gr is not responsible for damages during transportation.
3. Commercial messages: tyrokomia-naxou.gr gives the possibility to users to choose informing on new items and other offers, alternative ways of paying etc. along with sending advertising-informational messages to your e-mail or by phone. tyrokomia-naxou.gr won't use improperly this service. It is always given to all users the possibility to cut receiving advertising messages.
Standing Right
All transactions through tyrokomia-naxou.gr are regulated by the International and European right that controls matters related to electronic trade as and by Law protecting consumers (N.2251/1994) that controls matters of selling in distance.
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